Gone but Never Forgotten

Thank you so much, each and every one of you that left a kind comment, or even that drew lovely gift art in memory of RonRon’s passing. The art included here is by Orlando Fox, aohoshi2008, lulukitten, toffy, rubyfox1, SisuSofts, VixNdwnq, Weaselk, FoxJawed, AlexDachshund, Bleuxwolf, and MuzzArts!

AND NOW, to answer THAT question, yes a baby fox will be coming soon to the Channel! Some wonderful fox breeder friends, through Sybil’s Message Board, messaged me right away and offered a baby fox (I was originally planning on waiting a year…)… their kits are just so cute!!!

I plan to pick up an american baby “White Mark” fox (a red fox color phase) the end of May this year, 2016! This means no hiatus; the Channel SHALL CONTINUE BOMBARDING YOU WITH FOXY CUTENESS, WOOOOO!

Eternal thanks to our amazing Fox Amoore, for allowing use of his music! :3
The song used in this vid: https://soundcloud.com/foxamoore/gone