[Animals in Japan] What does the fox say, in japan?

Part 2 of our trip to Zao Fox Village (宮城県の蔵王キツネ)!
Check out part 1 to see a white fox adopt me: https://youtu.be/Ioscf0kCwY8

My new series showcasing Japan’s cutest animals!

We visited the fox village in the mountains of Miyagi prefecture. What DOES the fox say? Legit question finally answered, I solved the internet mystery! We also got to feed the foxes! Cuteness overload continues.

Huge area for all the foxes, there were cages and separate quarantined areas for the young and sick, but all were clearly well cared for and well fed. Apparently there is a virus going around in Japan targeting the foxes, so the staff are extra careful not to spread the illness to other healthy foxes or the babies.

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Official Fox Village website: http://zao-fox-village.com/
Recorded Dec 29 2015

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